Added tevimos, reto and simil. Updated FiReS and neurolots

parent 15115123
......@@ -6,12 +6,17 @@ git_subproject(Deflect 3328e67)
git_subproject(Brion 2bb27a1)
#git_subproject(BBPSDK aff71637)
git_subproject(gmrvlex c20b194)
git_subproject(FiReS fdfbc7b)
git_subproject(FiReS 26789bef)
git_subproject(nsol 4c603631)
git_subproject(nore 7bdc5a1)
git_subproject(neuroscheme 90b4961a)
git_subproject(prefr 0511dab)
git_subproject(neuroscheme 3f108d41)
#git_subproject(prefr 0511dab)
git_subproject(neurolots 3f108d41)
git_subproject(spineret 9ea93b7)
#git_subproject(spineret 9ea93b7)
#git_subproject(strip 8381f8d)
git_subproject(visimpl eb0e00f)
git_subproject(SimIL e75b2777)
git_subproject(ReTo 989ab867)
git_subproject(tevimos 0909ae24)
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