Commit 11b32b89 authored by Pablo Toharia's avatar Pablo Toharia

Bump tags.

parent 04ce6d3a
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# -*- mode: cmake -*-
git_subproject(vmmlib 10d93e6)
git_subproject(FlatBuffers 1b70563)
git_subproject(ZeroEQ d37af92)
git_subproject(Lexis 06819cc)
git_subproject(Deflect 785812c)
git_subproject(Lunchbox b990d7f)
git_subproject(ZeroEQ b79a43a)
git_subproject(Lexis 617eedb)
git_subproject(Deflect 3328e67)
git_subproject(Brion aead60c)
git_subproject(BBPSDK aff71637)
#git_subproject(gmrvlex c20b194)
git_subproject(fires b007eee)
git_subproject(nsol 72630e88 )
#git_subproject(BBPSDK aff71637)
git_subproject(gmrvlex c20b194)
git_subproject(FiReS fdfbc7b)
git_subproject(nsol 72630e88)
git_subproject(nore 7bdc5a1)
git_subproject(neuroscheme 2362c70)
# git_subproject(prefr 60f1c612)
git_subproject(neuroscheme a87f7e0e)
git_subproject(prefr 0511dab6)
git_subproject(neurolots 1a294f14)
# git_subproject(spineret da86cd7)
# git_subproject(strip 8381f8d)
# git_subproject(visimpl f0b1c981)
git_subproject(spineret 9ea93b7)
#git_subproject(strip 8381f8d)
git_subproject(visimpl a1bb65b)
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