Commit 8b42900f authored by Juan Jose Garcia's avatar Juan Jose Garcia

Changed nsol tag to the new master commit with brion on-demand load

parent 1c919aae
Pipeline #1324 failed with stage
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ git_subproject(Brion aead60c)
git_subproject(BBPSDK aff71637)
#git_subproject(gmrvlex 5043fad)
git_subproject(fires b007eee)
git_subproject(nsol a8dd697)
git_subproject(nsol 72630e88 )
git_subproject(nore 7bdc5a1)
git_subproject(neuroscheme 2362c70)
# git_subproject(prefr 60f1c612)
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