Commit 9242b35e authored by Sergio Galindo's avatar Sergio Galindo

Updated visimpl and prefr tags.

parent 90a517ad
Pipeline #1090 failed with stage
......@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ git_subproject(fires c2b4d62)
git_subproject(nsol 7e736bf)
git_subproject(nore b5383eb)
git_subproject(neuroscheme 5f00b12)
git_subproject(prefr 88e5d5a)
git_subproject(prefr 60f1c612)
git_subproject(neurolots 46c4ca8)
git_subproject(spineret da86cd7)
git_subproject(strip 8381f8d)
git_subproject(visimpl 1183fe3)
git_subproject(visimpl f0b1c981)
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