Commit f9116507 authored by Pablo Toharia's avatar Pablo Toharia

Added bash 4.2

parent db8ed05c
export BASH_VERSION=4.2
sudo apt-get install flex bison
cd $HOME/opt/src
tar zxvf bash-${BASH_VERSION}.tar.gz
cd bash-${BASH_VERSION}
export PREFIX=$HOME/opt/bash-${BASH_VERSION}
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX \
--bindir=$PREFIX/bin \
--htmldir=$PREFIX/share/doc/bash-${BASH_VERSION} \
--without-bash-malloc \
NUM_PROC=`grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l`
NUM_JOBS=`echo $NUM_PROC - 1 | bc`
make -j $NUM_JOBS install
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